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May 27 @ 8:00 AM - May 28 @ 5:00 PM


May 29

Car Show: BMF

June 3 @ 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


June 9 @ 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM


17May, 2017

Bob Moore All Ford Car and Truck Show – POSTPONED

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This weekend’s forecast – heavy rains predicted for Friday evening and rains continuing into Saturday morning.  Not many folks want to bring their show ready, clean and shiny vehicles out on a wet day.  So, with that said, we regret that we are postponing this years Bob Moore All Ford Car and Truck Show by a couple of weeks to June 3rd.  It will be at the same location, Bob Moore Ford at SE 89th and I35, same time, 9 am – 3 pm.  We are sorry if this causes any inconveniences, but for those that registered, we’ll see you on June 3rd!  If you’re unable to make it, please email showchair@okmustangclub.com and we’ll mail you the tshirt you paid for.

3April, 2017

The Mustang Express, April 2017 Edition

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The most current edition of the OMC newsletter is now available.  All sorts of information including the monthly activity schedule.  Our Vice-President is filling us in on the April 17th National Mustang Day activities.  Board Member Mike Charbonnier also tells us about how successful the Leake Auto Auction was for the OMC.   Also, check out some of the cool pics of the Pony Drive or even of our members racing their car at Texas World Speedway!

3April, 2017

OMC Autocross Program

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Have you ever thought about doing Autocross with you car?  Well, the Oklahoma Mustang Club now has an Autocross program and our Director of the program is Greg Blocker.  The events are in conjunction with SCCA events, usually, here in Oklahoma City.  However, we do go to several other places including Stroud, Tulsa and out of state venues.  If you’re interested in more about the OMC’s Autocross program, you can contact Greg at blockerg@cox.net.


Here is more info about the SCCA:

So you’ve read all about the great things the Sports Car Club of America has to offer its members and you’re ready to sign on the dotted line. But wait! You say to yourself, ‘I’m not really interested in competing, so what else can I do within this Club?.’ Well, we have plenty of opportunities for folks, even if they aren’t interesting in strapping into a fire-breathing racing machine. Whether it’s Rally, Solo or Road Racing, there are tons of jobs that need to be performed to ensure a fun, exciting and safe event goes off without a hitch. In addition to supporting out amateur motorsports programs, SCCA workers also provide staff to numerous professional sanctioning bodies, including IndyCar, NASCAR and IMSA.

Trackside – Up Close and Personal

If you’re interested in being on the front lines of an event, here are some possibilities for you:

Flagging and Communications

Take a position along the course and communicate with racecar drivers on track utilizing flags and hand signals. These folks give drivers extremely important information such as hazardous track conditions ahead and if faster traffic is approaching from behind. In addition, these workers act as first responders when there is an on-course incident. Simply put, they serve as the link between race officials and the drivers throughout a race.

Emergency Services

This group of folks includes highly trained individuals in three areas: medical response, firefighting and vehicle recovery. Incidents are not fun, but they are bound to happen at the race track. Here is your chance to put training from your day job to work in a fun and exciting environment.


Do you love to see the green flag fly to start a race and hear the sound of drivers putting the gas pedal to the floorboard to get the best position heading to turn one? What if you were the person responsible for that? It is the responsibility of the starter to ensure a safe and fair start each time they are on the flag stand. With this high-profile position comes the responsibility to get the race started in the correct way.

Race Officials

Enforcing the rulebook and making sure everything runs smoothly at an event is very important. Here are a couple ways to get involved in administering successful motorsports events:


These officials make sure each competitor is following the rules set forth in the rulebook. They are the front line of defense ensuring that each car is fit for competition, while keeping the playing field level for everyone. Some of the responsibilities include pre-race safety inspections, technical compliance, post-race inspection and mechanical compliance.

Timing and Scoring

Are you good with computers or have an interest in knowing who’s leading, and by how much, at every moment? If so, you may have a future here. It is your responsibility to set up, run and disassemble the advanced timing equipment used for each race.


If organization is your thing, working in registration may be for you. You are the first person everyone meets at the track. Customer service is of the utmost importance in this fast-paced, people-centered environment. As the first point of contact, get everyone headed in the right direction to start their race weekend off on the right foot.


The buck stops here. If you are interested in having a hands-on influence on how each part of the event is run, this is for you. Whether it’s making sure everyone is safe, rules are enforced or the event runs smoothly, you’re the boss. Even the best laid plans are prone to issues, and that goes double at the racetrack. Everyone will look to you adapt and solve issues that arise.

Workers & Officials Programs

How do you get involved? It’s as easy as going to a local event and volunteering to help. Workers are issued a license, just like competition drivers, and can work their way up through four levels of competence by participating in different events. Eventually, you can gain the knowledge and experience necessary to hold a national-level specialty license. SCCA-licensed workers staff many of the major motorsport events held throughout the United States, in one capacity or another.

If you would like more information, please e-mail our Membership Department and express your interest. We will send you the information via the postal service, so be sure to include your full name and mailing address.

7March, 2017

The Mustang Express, March 2017 Edition

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Check out the latest news about the Oklahoma Mustang Club by downloading this month’s newsletter.  See what the president has to say about his first OMC meeting he attended along with updates from the secretary.  Also, Board Member Larry Sorenson and OMC member Garry Baird talk about the Mustang vs Camaro rivalry.  Board Member Mike Charbonnier sips overpriced coffee and discuss’s Mustangs in his article.  Vice-President Bill James, gives us the latest update of the OMC’s National Mustang Day plans.  We also post all this month’s member’s birthday’s and anniversary’s along with some pictures of last month’s events.  You don’t have to be a member to read the newsletter.  Download today and check it out!

14February, 2017

OMC Bowling Champs

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February kicked off the OMC Bowling nights with 17 bowlers and several more club members to cheer us on!  Jesse Loy and Patty Crockett took home the Best Men’s Series and the Best Ladies Series with 267 pins and 236 pins respectively.  We had so much fun, we are going to do it again.  Mark your calendars for March 10, 2017.  We will meet at Bronco Bowl, 133 N Mustang Rd, Mustang, OK from 7:00 – 9:00 pm for 2 hours of bowling with shoes for $10.00 as long as we have 20 people.  So bring the family and be ready to roll – a bowling ball that is! See you there.

6February, 2017

The Mustang Express, Feb. 2017 Edition

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The latest and greatest news is now available from the BEST Mustang Club in Oklahoma!  So far we’ve had a club meeting, squeezed some rounds off at the local gun range, cruised on over and had some famous Eischen’s fried chicken and then had our first Battle of the Car Clubs at Pole Position!  The qualifying event was a few weeks prior and the three fastest drivers from the club competed against 9 other drivers in a 60-lap enduro battle. The other clubs caught a few breaks early on,  as there was a kart spin that brought out the yellow flag and the 6 to 7 second lead we built up was nullified. Then, we had a bum kart that was clearly not running right and about 40 laps in we fell back to second place (P2).  Despite these setbacks, the OMC managed to catch up, pull ahead into P1 and take the win on the second to last lap of the race! Good times!  Next qualifier and enduro is already scheduled, so check the Events page for more info.  To find out what else is going on with our club, check out our newsletter and follow us on social media! You do not have to be a member to check out the Oklahoma Mustang Club newsletter.  Click on the file link below to snap it up.  Social media links: FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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